From optics and X-ray sources to crystallization automation

SynchrotronsIn recent years, synchrotron beamlines have advanced in terms of flux, speed and automation making high-throughput crystallography (HTC) routine. Despite these advancements in data collection hardware, sample mounting and alignment have to-date remained an essentially manual process or have only been automated with proprietary in-house robotic designs. Rigaku offers the industry standard ACTOR robot, winner of the 2002 R&D 100 award, to provide automatic crystal transport, orientation and retrieval within the confines of the beamline hutch, eliminating time consuming sample manipulation tasks currently required for routine crystal screening and data collection.

Rigaku also designs and manufactures multilayer optics and monochromators that are used to focus synchrotron radiation at beamlines around the world. Rigaku has the ability to build synchrotron optics with custom coatings to meet a wide range of applications. With global 24/7 service and support, Rigaku delivers cutting edge solutions for synchrotron beamlines.


Automated crystal transport orientation and retrieval robot
  Custom Optics   Custom Optics
Custom Confocal Max-Flux focusing optics for beamline applications