Application requirements for Magnetic Rotary Seal Unit

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Please provide us with the following information when making an inquiry or placing an order. We will provide you with magnetic rotary seal units that are suitable for your application.

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Your contact information

Street address:
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Zip/Postal Code:

Part number/FFC number/product description (if known):    Quantity:

What is to be sealed and how high is the pressure?

What is to be sealed?


Maximum attainable vacuum: Pa
Normal working vacuum: Pa
Type of gas:
Other seal conditions:
Pressure difference with respect to the atmosphere side: kPa

Temperature around seal section

Operating temperature range°C to °C
Non water-cooled
Normal temperature°C

Structural and mechanical parameters

Diameter to be sealedφ = mm
Diameter of shaftφ = mm
Rotation speed rpm
Transmission torque N-m
Shaft connecting:Gear transmission
Pulley transmission
Coupling connection
Load to be applied to the seal unit
     At the housing end in the radial direction

     At the axis in the axial direction N

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